The LinkedIn Accelerator is an online course, that drives exceptional business growth and results, fuelled by using LinkedIn

Sole traders, Self-employed, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners often struggle with:

Not enough time to focus on business growth alongside all other priorities

Little if any support and resource in helping business growth

Most activities produce little return on investment

The LinkedIn Accelerator not only meets all these challenges, but will accelerate past them all with ease in a very short period of time.

Generate and validate prospects

Drive client lifetime value

Quickly build an engaged network

Be the go-to resource

The LinkedIn Accelerator online course will equip you with these 6 key personal development and business growth skillset

Elevate your personal digital footprint You'll be in the top 1% of profiles, fully aligned with your audience and Google optimised.
Build deep relationships Deliver effective communication, building long-term relationship and lifetime value
Fast and effective prospecting Powerful targeting and engagement systems
Sales mastery Harnessing LinkedIn sales proficiency
Effortless marketing Generate visibility, presence and reach.
Unlimited networks Multi-layered networking that builds long term relationships

This is the best course and online membership club I have ever been privileged to be a part of. The online material is world class, and the LinkedIn Success System is highly effective. Rob Begg, Rob Begg Consulting

The LinkedIn Accelerator is packed with in depth lessons, guides and over 50 video tutorials

Four tried and tested courses all set out for the most effective learning experience:

1. Understand your target audience on LinkedIn

To be really effective on LinkedIn you need a complete understanding of your target audience. This task will ensure you know exactly who you are targeting. It provides the strategic foundation for your success on LinkedIn.

2. Build the perfect profile that engages your clients and prospects

After Clarify your brand for LinkedIn, you now have all the information to build a brilliant profile that is aligned with you target audience and optimised for searches. This module is designed to show how a profile is constructed using our 17-step process.

3. Drive sales and awareness

Given you will now have an operationally effective profile, you are now ready to be trained on elements of the Business Growth Accelerator This trains you on how to use LinkedIn to achieve your goals. It forms the basis of the systems and processes which underpins the LinkedIn Success System; building contact databases, targeting, prospecting, engagement processes, client retention, visibility, content, as well as introducing performance enhancing apps and tools…

4. Get the results

You now have a very effective profile and are well versed on the systems of how to use LinkedIn to achieve your goals. The Implementation Accelerator gets you into consistent action. Learn how to integrate an interactive and practical 30 min a day plan every day, that pulls all the training together for you in one place. The work is done for you.

First of all, Miles is an extremely good coach and mentor. His seemingly limitless knowledge of LinkedIn, coupled with his boundless enthusiasm and willingness to take time to explain the detail has meant that he has opened up totally new business avenues for me as a sole trader. I would recommend him 100%.

Sandy Cullen Career Coaching & Communication

I first went to a LinkedIn event Miles was running in about 2016/2017 and since then I have had over £500k of opportunities land in my LinkedIn inbox which is largely due to how Miles got me thinking about LinkedIn. I would recommend Miles for LinkedIn training over and over

Laura Taylor
Founder Empowered by Cloud

Seldom have I attended a “training” event - so much more than just training - when I’ve walked away with genuine “wow” moments throughout the day and afterwards! Miles is a true master at what he does and what he does is amazing! What he doesn’t know about how to drive your business through LinkedIn isn’t worth knowing! Thanks Miles!

Diarmid McBride Mindwalk Consulting

Rob Begg

What is my Investment?

Is ineffective prospecting and selling costing you? Are you frustrated with your results? Are you struggling to deliver for your clients and market for new business at the same time? Are you going to endless networking events and not seeing the benefits? Are you burning time for nothing? Are you growing?

If your methods are not working – why don’t you try mine

What is in the course?

  • Onscreen displays & guides
  • Over 50 how to videos
  • Access to a LinkedIn expert

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When you sign up to the LinkedIn Accelerator online course you also get these massive benefits

This club is very different – it is focused on continuous personal development and business growth

Instant Access

Personal support

Progress updates

If you're on the Diamond program you also receive Sales Navigator, Company Page and Campaign training modules

What makes the LinkedIn Accelerator online course and club so different?


Miles Duncan, Founder

Read Miles’s story

For almost two decades I have trained 100’s of companies and individuals on how to use LinkedIn for business growth.

My training strips away what you don’t need to know and focuses on the activities that make an instant difference and get you moving in the right direction.

The online course is an all-inclusive end to end sales and business development system.

I have been in sales and marketing for over 30 years, working in similar roles to yourself. When I changed my ways and got into LinkedIn, my world changed. Yours can too.

If your way isn’t working – try mine.

The online course is packed with value and designed to be affordable for everyone.

You'll also gain CPD accreditation

The only online LinkedIn course of this type accredited by CPD standards London.

On successful completion of the online course you will be presented with a CPD accredited certificate. You can include this award on your CV, and of course, your LinkedIn profile.

Your investment

30 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Online Course

Payment Plan

12 monthly payments of


per single user

Option to renew at the end of 12 months

LinkedIn Accelerator online course and club

What you get

Total access to online program
Monthly 1 hour live webinar
2 X Exclusive invitations to Business Growth Day at a hotel (no cost)
Sales Navigator live workshop access for £100
Company Page live workshop access for £100
Club mastermind group network
Continuous growth and development

Many individuals are not getting any value from LinkedIn premium. The main reason is that they have never been taught how to use LinkedIn effectively as a business development tool. Plus Sales Navigator is a much better option, once you understand how to be super effective on LinkedIn. As a short term measure I would recommend you come off premium, sign up to the LinkedIn Accelerator online training. You will learn how to be highly effective on LinkedIn.

I would then recommend you consider LinkedIn's leading product Sales Navigator. Whilst a single license monthly payment is £70, it surpasses premium by a long way and devalues the premium package enormously. What you can do with Sales Navigator is truly outstanding.

Diamond members get access to a specialist training workshop on Sales Navigator. You can then test out Sales Navigator as LinkedIn offer a free month trial.

Full Payment Discount

Please contact Miles to arrange this directly

Contact Miles Now

Do you qualify for this extraordinary online course?

The online course is for individuals or small companies.

More than 1? All plans have group package options - please contact (also please see frequently asked questions below).


The main reason people are not getting any value from LinkedIn premium, is that they have never been taught how to use LinkedIn effectively as a business development tool. Plus Sales Navigator is a much better option, once you understand how to be super effective on LinkedIn.

As a short term measure I would recommend you come off premium, sign up to the LinkedIn Accelerator online training and club. You will learn how to be highly effective on LinkedIn.

I would then recommend you go for LinkedIn's leading product Sales Navigator. Whilst a single license monthly payment is £70, it surpasses premium by a long way and devalues the premium package enormously. What you can do with Sales Navigator is truly outstanding.

Club members can access a specialist training workshop on Sales Navigator for only £100.

There is a big difference in paid for vs the free market.

LinkedIn Success System's focus is building a ‘cult’ of continuous learning with like minded individuals who see (desire) the bigger picture in terms of the learnings and participation in our webinars and unique growth days. All part of your membership - no cost 

LSS is a proven well- structured end to end business development program with all the resources in one place

Clarify your brand for LinkedIn - is totally unique, I can’t see how people can be trained on LinkedIn without doing this. I am yet to find a course with this element

There are tonnes of free training out there, beyond LinkedIn there is You Tube too - however where do you start and in what order – bit like Netflix. It can be like an overwhelming library. Connecting the dots can be tricky

Many don’t succeed as there is no progress monitors within their courses – no ‘study buddy’ to keep them on track, motivated and goal orientated

They tend to be all video based and don’t cater for different learning modalities. Usually they don’t’ have PDF’s downloads, checklists and other helpful guides

The content and instruction is often dubious/not wholly accurate (in my opinion) – this is one of my key differentiator as I have 30 years sales and marketing experience – so I know in reality what works (what doesn’t)

LSS is accredited with CPD – most of the free ones don’t have an external accreditation

A lot of them are out of date – LinkedIn is a moving dynamic platform – I review the course every 4 weeks and makes the relevant changes

LSS is a practical program. Its what I do every day of my life – I don’t just teach it – my whole business was built on applying it – I do what I preach

LSS has trained many businesses and individuals over a decade successfully - its a proved formula

The free courses don’t discuss 3rd party apps

On LSS you have direct contact with me  within the platform whenever you may need help

You get access to the LSS mastermind network

Your digital footprint (profile) will be aligned, optimised and effective in growing your brand, expertise and business

You will be able to identify leads and opportunities

You will discover how to win new business

You will learn how to maintain a professional continuous presence with your clients, whilst building life time value and penetrating their organisation

You will become skilful in educating your audience on your expertise in a consistent, credible and professional manner

Your time will be optimised

You'll have the key metrics and apps to measure your performance

This training will grow your business

You will be part of the LinkedIn Accelerator mastermind community, with amazing networking and collaboration opportunities at your fingertips

It will save time, resources and money.

The criteria of making this type of club only available to individuals and small companies is to give as many people access to a very effective personal and business growth program.

The membership is for one person only and is self serve.

Therefore individuals or small companies can have a person or member that is capable of driving there own personal business growth or do it on behalf of the company.

Larger companies tend to need our team program. Where much larger numbers are involved and the training needs to be more customised, hands on, workshop driven with follow up 121's to ensure team goals are met along with successes. Post training; larger company login packages are different and allows them to move logins to colleagues as many times as they desire.

There is a grey area which I accept ...

Your company may be more than 9 employees and just having one colleague on the LinkedIn Accelerator may be the most suitable option. We are very flexible and look at this in a very positive case by case basis - email or call 07771-871-478 to talk it through. We will do the best for you.

These are monthly one hour webinars hosted by founder of LinkedIn Success Systems Miles Duncan.

They cover many areas from LinkedIn, personal growth, business skills to time management. Really anything that helps you move forward and develop.

They are not 'heavy' sessions, and given they are available only to club members there are not motivated to sell you something.

The sessions take one topic and  break it down, exploring its application for your own personal development and business growth.

You can stream and participate in the live session - you will also receive a recorded file if you miss it.

You are also invited to put forward topics for the webinar sessions

Every 6 months you get an exclusive invite to our Growth Day. These are held in a hotel and take on a conference persona.

The first one is November 2019 and the next one is June 2020, and so on.

The days are high energy learning days - beyond LinkedIn  - but within the personal and business growth space.

The days have break out training programs - so you can select ones that suits your needs.

The Growth Day program covers areas such as;

Advanced LinkedIn Training

Personal Development

Skills; presentation, negotiation, selling, planning


Digital Marketing

Content planning and Content tower

Absolutely - if for any reason you would like your money back. Your money will be refunded in full that day - with no questions asked.

Absolutely - within the course you have a private discussion option on each lesson that comes to me directly.

Trusted by 100’s of businesses just like yours:
Professional Services, Corporates & SME’s and Sole Traders.