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Unlock your team’s potential. Give them the tools to generate a LinkedIn super strategy that they can implement and drive business growth online

Actions create reactions... create Results.

Results to expect

Your digital footprint (profile) will be aligned, optimised and effective in growing your brand, expertise and business

● You will be able to identify leads and opportunities
● You will discover how to win new business
● You will learn how to maintain a professional continuous presence with your clients, whilst building life time value and penetrating their organisation
● You will become skilful in educating your audience on your expertise in a consistent, credible and professional manner
● You'll have the key metrics and apps to measure your performance
● This training will grow your business
● It saves time, resources and money.


Why don’t you book a team training session first to really understand LinkedIn and how it may help you?

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Build a Pipeline full of prospects
Watch your Conversion rocket
Maintain Presence and Visibility

A simple 4 step online training program. Easy to learn - Easy to Implement - Delivering Results

Team training; a unique blend of online workshops, virtual 121’s, competency testing and 90 plans

Support materials include eLearning platform and downloads at every stage and other learning aids

1. Understand your target audience on LinkedIn

To be really effective on LinkedIn you need a complete understanding of your target audience. This task will ensure you know exactly who you are targeting. It provides the strategic foundation for your success on LinkedIn.

2. Build the perfect profile that engages your clients and prospects

After Clarify your brand for LinkedIn, you now have all the information to build a brilliant profile that is aligned with you target audience and optimised for searches. This is a 60 minute live webinar, where you update your profile with me live. Your profile will be in the top 1%. Aligned, Optimised & Congruent... in 60 minutes.

3. Drive sales and awareness

Given you will now have an operationally effective profile, you are now ready to be trained on elements of the Business Growth Accelerator. There are 5 1hr webinars in this series;

  • No 1 Networking and Engagement strategies (inc implementation) - 1hr
    The law of reach, building strong & loose tie networks (2nd), connecting & messaging sequences, do’s and don’ts, nurturing activities
  • No 2 Prospecting Strategies (inc Implementation) - 1hr
    8 tried and tested (over 14 years) prospecting strategies that work. Building a sustainable pipeline of engaged prospects that will drive success on LinkedIn
  • No 3 Clients Retention & Strategies (inc Implementation) – 1hr
    5 client and 3 referral strategies. Keep close contact with your clients, building lifetime value and retention effortlessly, whilst executing a highly effective referral program.
  • No 4 Visibility/Educating (go-to resource) Strategies (inc Implementation) 1hr
    Generating consistent automated daily visibility and education to your audience - you are the go-to resource. Content aggregators and algorithm insights to leverage
  • No 5 Content & Messaging Strategies (Inc Implementation) 1hrNurturing your audience with effective copy and messaging. Build value, authenticity & credibility. Learn what value and messaging works and what doesn’t.

4. Get the results

You now have an operationally effective profile, company page optimisation, and you are well versed on the systems of how to use LinkedIn to achieve your goals. The Implementation Accelerator gets you into consistent action. Learn how to integrate LinkedIn into your particular overall strategy, objectives and workflow. Here you are asked to design your own LinkedIn 90-day plan with KPIs.

It may help you to think of LinkedIn as a flywheel than a linear platform

Think of LinkedIn as round... and it spins.

This means you can achieve a lot in a very short space of time as your actions can have numerous reactions (results)

My training ensure you implement the right "actions"

Profiles; search engine optimised, aligned and congruent
Company page; grow a huge follower network, positioning you as the go-to resource.
4 key income drivers; prospecting, visibility, clients & network

Specialist training

Sales Navigator


Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s enhanced lead generation tool. Build 90-day prospecting funnels and track leads (and clients) similar to a CRM system

Learn more

Company Page


Take you company pages to the next level. Build a vast retained follower base.

Learn more

Campaign Manager


Paid for advertising on LinkedIn can be highly effective. Learn the art of using campaign manager to accelerate your growth and results

Learn more

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